Aggregate, analyze, manage and monitor your receivable
loans request.

Enabling a seamless invoice financing ecosystem.

Our Solution

Powerful tool for banks to automate their invoice financing process, interfacing with their customers and various large coporates ERP to promote a seamless invoice financing experience.

Increasing accessibility
to cashflow

Nvoicia shortens the processing time for an invoice finance request from your banking partner, therefore increasing accessibility to working capital. Micro, small and medium businesses can now grow their businesses at a faster rate, buy more inventory and supply to more than one large coporate conveniently at the same time without loosing out.

Large Corporate
Retain high quality

Nvoicia creates the right environment for your suppliers to excel. This enables your company retain high quality suppliers that would speak well about your company. Also creating an environment for you to plough in more cash into your business.

Financial Institution
Automate your workflow
with ease

Nvoicia goal is to reduce your processing time, processing cost, make your staffs less frustrated as well as your clients happy as they are been notified to at every point of the invoice financing process.


How it works

Setup a supply chain finance program for your small /medium business clients and your large coporates.
Customize the solution according to your institution’s process.

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